What Brings Me to this Work

Basic Facts:

Name: Rumi K Weaver

Gender: Agender (xe/xers or they/them) pronouns


Origin: Detroit, MI

While I know that I've been passionate about information and access, it has been an ongoing challenge to figure out the best ways for me to assist others. I have a familiarity and willingness to investigate issues with data management. Therefore, I want to bring my skills and share what I do know and help others navigate a world where information seems to have a huge impact.

I am also approaching this from the perspective of someone who does view the way data gets used in a different way and how it often targets vulnerable populations. Especially as someone on the edge of race, gender and disability. This awareness drives me to want to at least bring questions to the table of when and how can one work with information in more helpful ways whenever possible and how to be mindful of the impact data can so easily have on lives.



Michigan, USA

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