Making Data More Accessible in the Everyday

Navigating the impact that data has on everyday lives can be overwhelming. With information being generated so easily, it can be difficult to see what strategies one can use in the face of an ever-changing landscape. I'm glad to help provide useful information through tutoring, advice and troubleshooting efforts to understand the data that one encounters on a daily basis.



On sharing information

 I find that there are many ways about how information gets managed often gets overlooked.

I also know that it's not easy to understand the multiple formats that data shows up and what it means for a person or their business.  This is why I'm offering my services to share what I've been learning in a way that fits into current use. Get in touch to learn more about the ways I am willing and able to help with such issues.



I work with individuals and organizations looking to improve their data management situation or just to learn more about data and its impact. This can include advising, tutoring and building visualizations.

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Do you want to get ideas about how to handle the data that you encounter in your day to day? I can give recommendations about privacy, having more control over your information and strategies to look out for.

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In order to tell the best possible stories with the information that you have, visualization is a powerful means to get the message across. I can assist in building visuals and finding ways for the story you want to tell to make an impact.

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Always willing to answer questions and give one on one lessons about data and what you can do with it. This may also include some troubleshooting if the situation calls for it.




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